Green Innovations Ltd (OTC:GNIN) down by 27.5%, Medical Marijuana Inc (PINK:MJNA), HRT PARTICIPACOES EM (PINK:HRTPY)

New York, NY – (NISMAGAZINE) – 04/01/2013- Green Innovations Ltd (OTC:GNIN) the stock is trading close to $0.870 down by 27.50%. The market capitalization for the stock is $108.62 million, 124 million shares are outstanding. 1.96 million Shares exchanged hands in today’s trading session. The 52-week high low range for the stock is $0.14 – $2.70. GNIN concentrates on filling a void in the eco-friendly, biodegradable product. GNIN manufactures, sources, markets and distribute bamboo products to consumers across North America. Its products include cosmetic wipes and pads, toilet rolls, copy paper, facial tissue, cosmetic wipes and pads, notebooks and office papers, female sanitary pads, facial tissue and panty liners.

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Medical Marijuana Inc (PINK:MJNA) is down by 0.08% and is trading close to $0.250. The stock is closing to its 50 day moving average of $0.28. The beta for the stock is 5.65 and has a 808.24 million shares outstanding with a market capitalization of $202.30 million. MJNA was declined linearly since past few days. Both the price and volume slipped in the past 2 trading session. MJNA is vested in medical marijuana and industrial hemp markets. The 52-week high low range for the stock is $0.02-$0.05. The P/E ratio for the stock is 62.62 ways above the industry average of 20.94; the Operating Margin (TTM) for the company is 62.26% as compared to the industry average of 6.17%. The quick ratio for the company is 45.21 and has a current ratio of 147.81.

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HRT PARTICIPACOES EM (PINK:HRTPY) the stock is up by 15.61% and is trading close to $1.00, the 52-week low for the stock is $0.92. HRTPY through its subsidiaries operates in development, exploration, distribution, production, and sale of oil and natural gas. The stock has declined linearly since past one year hand have lost 31.89%, it lost about 9.44% in the previous month, and fell by about 11.64% in the last 5 trading session. The market capitalization for the stock is $111.20 million; around 1.71 million shares have exchanged hand in the current trading session, a sharp increase in volume.

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